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Dongguan Kuanshun Filter Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in August 2013. The company is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. It is determined to produce and sell high-quality air-conditioning filters. After years of development, the company has developed Become a technology-skilled enterprise specializing in filter research and development, production and sales.

Our extensive product series enable us to provide various types of high-quality air-conditioning filters for all traditional cars, transport vehicles, trucks, buses, subways, high-speed rails, and agricultural and construction machinery.

To The minimum order quantity of products is not limited. Technical drawings can be provided for reference confirmation upon customer requirements...[more]

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Hot Products

  • Cabin Air Filter:YS4Z-19N619-DB


  • Cabin Air Filter:YN50V01015P3/ 51186-41990

    YN50V01015P3/ 51186-41990

  • Cabin Air Filter:YN50V01014P1P /51186-41970

    YN50V01014P1P /51186-41970

  • Cabin Air Filter:YN50V01006P1/ 51186-41870

    YN50V01006P1/ 51186-41870

  • Cabin Air Filter:YL8Z-19N619-AB


  • Cabin Air Filter:YL00266080


  • Cabin Air Filter:YA0001490


  • Cabin Air Filter:YA00011003


  • Cabin Air Filter:YA00005725


  • Cabin Air Filter:YA00001490